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What to do with master$4idr and mastlog$4idr

I determined from my research that these are files that our Veritas Backup Exec program may have created. My question is what should I do with them? The Veritas documentation tells you to rename master$4idr to master.mdf. I have a valid master.mdf file that is currently being used. But, by the date modifed, the $4idr file(s) appear to be in use, though I have not found where yet. Thanks in advance for any and all ideas!
Do you have Veritas currently installed? Have you tried renaming the files to see if they are in use? MeanOldDBA
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Has Veritas installed a separate instance of SQL Server, alongside the current default instance, called "4idr"? It sounds like it has – which would explain why that master$4idr is there. Tom Pullen
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Thanks, Tom and MeanOld [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;)‘ />] for your input. Yes, Veritas is currently installed on this server. There is no SQL to register in EM for Backup Exec and there are no Veritas SQL services running on this server (none exist). The files in question have Easter’s date on them as modified date. I do not reference these files in any way in any jobs, so I am assuming that they are in use. I will try renaming them to see what happens.<br /><br />Thanks again!<br />Karen
Will, or is this server, to run more than just a Veritas database? Did the SQL Server software come from Veritas, or was it purchased separately? —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Hi Brad, This is our main SQL server (I have 6) for our critical apps. It is not Veritas’ SQL, nor is there a Veritas database to register in SQL EM. I think what happened is that the main, server installation of Veritas was installed on this server in the past, but was moved to another server in the last 6 months, and only a client portion exists now. I believe the files in question may exist from that previous installation, but I have not been able to find anything that uses them. I have been having a look around to clean some things up and discovered these with fairly current dates on them. I found reference to them on Veritas’ site, but in regards to a disaster recovery, and our server has not been through anything they describe. Thanks for your input! SQLGoddess
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It turns out that the Veritas IDR agent is on this particular server, but Veritas is physically installed elsewhere. It looks like Veritas makes a replica of its database on each server that uses the agent. So it does look like these files are necessary and used by the agent for certain functions. <br /><br />Another mystery unraveled……<br />Thanks all!! [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-2.gif’ alt=’:D‘ />]<br /><br />SQLGoddess<br />Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other.— Oscar Wilde
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