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Whats does ‘grant view server state’ do?

Hello DBA’s What does "grant view server state to ‘login’" do? What is the use of that? Thanks
If an administrator on SQL Server 2005 wants full backward compatibility, and does not want to restrict metadata visibility, a new SQL Server 2005 permission can be used. The permission, VIEW DEFINITION, allows a user or role to see the definition of an object or all objects within a particular scope. So if an administrator ran the following two statements, all users would be able to view all the metadata on a SQL Server instance: GRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO public
GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE TO public http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2006/01/ProtectMetaData/default.aspx
Ok Mohammed Got it. I think it is mainly used to give the user permission to view the locks in a server. Thanks