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When to truncate log file ?

What should be the ideal percentage of logspaceused(%) as shown by running DBCC sqlperf(logspace)?What should be the baseline % for truncating.I usually truncate if ,it go beyond 30%.But I am not sure that waht I am doing is right or wrong.Pls guide
What do you mean by truncating transaction log? Shrinking log file or truncating logical log size (by checkpointing – simple model or transaction log backup – full model)?
I mean to say that "what should be the value of logspaceused(%)" before we truncate the log file
Why are you truncating the log file??? That’s what mmarovic was asking you. If you have the database set to simple recovery mode, then you shouldn’t have to truncate it. If you are using another recovery mode, then you don’t want to touch it either. The next backup will take care of it.
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