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Where is dt_properties

When I use sp_tables in a user db I can see a table dt_properties.But I am unable to see this table using EM.What is this tbl all about.Pls guide
dtproperties is a system table.
ur EM must be set to hide system table, so u cant see it using EM
I can see all other system tables except this one .How can I see this ?
For a SQL 7.0 server, the dtproperties table is available in EM only when a database diagram is available for the database. Look at the "pubs" database. – By the way, this is using the SQL 2000 EM and QA. In SQL 2000 the table is always visible in EM. Just a silly thing in EM, because even for a SQL 7.0 server you can actually see the table in the SQL 2000 QA object browser.
All database diagrams are stored in a sytem table called dt_properties. Satya SKJ
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In some database I can see this table and in others I cant .When I create a new db I cant see this table.Instead I got this error
Server: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Invalid object name ‘dtproperties’.
When it comes and from How it comes.Can u pls explain me.
This table will be used and created only when any of database diagrams process is used, and in the case of above error try to create a sample diagram and see the table contents. Satya SKJ
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
hi aaronsandy, as said by adriaan,
dtptoperties table stores database diagrams. so as soon as u create new database diagram dtproperties table will be populated.
when u create a new database dtproperties table gets created.
only few system database like Model,tempdb,master,msdb dont create this table as they dont allow to create diagram.
so create a new db and then create diagram to c content of dtproperties.

Hello, sorry, but my english is not good.
dtproperties only stores database diagrams? Or stores any other information? Thank you. Guille
quote:Originally posted by zemog76 dtproperties only stores database diagrams? Or stores any other information?
Thank you.

Hi Guille,
dtproperties table stores all the property related to database diagram with objectid,property,value foreach diagram with auto increment field.
Thank you. I need to know if dtproperties stores database diagrams only, because I need copy the database diagrams from a database to another database and only database diagrams.
If dtproperties stores other information besides the database diagrams, I will make mistakes. Thank you, again Guille
Problem is that all those id values change between databases, so you can’t do a simple insert from one db into the next one.
Thank you. To avoid that problem I am using this sentence
SET IDENTITY_INSERT dbo.dtproperties ON
<Copy records>
SET IDENTITY_INSERT dbo.dtproperties OFF What do you think about that? Thank you, again. Guille
The IDENTITY_INSERT switch allows you to enter values into a column that is defined as IDENTITY, which in dtproperties is the "id" column. The "objectid" column is the problem here. You’re inserting the objectid of objects in one database into a system table of another database. Even if the objects in themselves are identical, they probably have a objectid that is different from the one in the other database. Well actually, you’re inserting rows directly into a system table, which is taboo in itself. And finally, I’m not sure you can insert an IMAGE column just like that. Anyway – for fun, try running this query – just replace TargetDB and SourceDB with the names of your two database: USE TargetDB
GO SELECT OBJECT_ID(OBJECT_NAME(T.objectid)) AS TargetIdForTargetNameForSourceId, OBJECT_NAME(T.objectid) AS TargetNameForSourceId, O.name AS SourceNameForSourceId
FROM SourceDB.dbo.dtproperties AS T
INNER JOIN SourceDB.dbo.sysobjects AS O ON T.id = O.id
WHERE (T.objectid <> OBJECT_ID(OBJECT_NAME(T.objectid)))
OR (OBJECT_NAME(T.objectid) <> o.name)
I have executed these sentences and the result was: TargetIdForTargetNameForSourceId TargetNameForSourceId SourceNameForSourceId
22 sysmembers sysprotects
22 sysmembers sysfulltextnotify
NULL NULL sysfiles
NULL NULL sysfilegroups I am not understanding the result. My source database and my target database are the "same" database. The diferences between them are modifications in source database. I need synchronize both databases and I need synchronize the database diagrams, that is the reason because I want to copy te dtproperties’ records. In this case, I wil make mistakes? Thank you.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have posted such a confusing query — but then again it really should confuse you because you shouldn’t be touching this feature with anything but Enterprise Manager, or perhaps a 3rd party tool. The same as with the regular system tables, don’t run any kind of action query against dtproperties!