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Where is table size stored?

I have a very large DB and I want to track down the largest tables. Does anyone know which system table contains the info about table size in Bytes, not just number of rows?
I did a quick search on the forums but could not find any info about it.
As always thanks in advance.

sp_SpaceUsed <TableName>, @UpdateUsage=true shoudl give you the exact table size. Gaurav
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That’s it thanks!
I was looking around and also found this link which was quite helpful:
There’s a section in BOL about estimating the size of a table which can be very useful to compare with the actual size of the table. I’ve had some very large tables before that shouldn’t have been anywhere near the size that they were (it was down to column data type changes over the months) and this highlighted the problem.
I second Dave’s suggestion to refer to Books online for table size.
If not review code from SP_SPACEUSED and dig out. Satya SKJ
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Just for completeness, take a look here: