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Which adventureworks db for 2005 Express?

I recently installed 2005 Express on my laptop. I have it up and running. Which AdventureWorks db should I install? I see 5 options, not counting SQLServerSamples.msi (BTW, what is that file and what does it provide?), but there is no guidance as to what should govern the decision as to which file(s) to install. Thanks, Bill
Check BOL topic "Installing AdventureWorks Sample Databases and Samples" http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…F7-9F46-4312-AF89-6AD8702E4E6E&displaylang=en http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…12-0356-46A0-8DA2-EEBC53A68034&displaylang=en
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My question comes as a result of having already visited that adventureworks download page. Been there. My question is, which of the 5 options should I choose? I have no criteria by which to make that decision. Could you please tell me which one of the five options to choose? If you require more info from me to make the recommendation, feel free. I am not an SQL DBA, or I wouldn’t be here asking such a newbie question to begin with. Look at the pagehttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…F7-9F46-4312-AF89-6AD8702E4E6E&displaylang=en
to which you directed me. Under Instructions, x86, you will see 5 different downloads for the db. I have no clue as to which one I should choose, nor the criteria for making such a decision. What I need from you is advice as to which one to choose. Thank you, Bill
RTFM … or in this case the "Instructions" just above the list of downloads. The downloads that have "BI" in the name appear to have special features for learning Analysis Services and Data Warehouse. I don’t think Express edition supports AS or DW, so get one of the "DB" downloads. I would expect most installations have a case-insensitive collation, so get the "CI" one … In two words: download AdventureWorksDBCI.msi …

Adriaan, Thank you! Now I can get down to cases and learn what I need to know. Bill
Problem: The msi file installed a bunch of files in C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData . But, when I open SQL Server Mgmt Studio Express, the db is not there. SQL Server installer opened to install the db, but now it’s not there. Any ideas? Bill
One question is what for you are using this adventureworks, as it stands it is a sample database with templates available for Reporting services etc. The list mentioned there are for case-sensitive & case-insensitive, based on your installation or what you want you can choose either of them.
GO forhttp://download.microsoft.com/downl…4c52-a2c5-0eb5bdd1a7e3/AdventureWorksDBCI.msi as it is case-insensitive and further information onhttp://blogs.msdn.com/bonniefe/default.aspx blogs. Satya SKJ
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