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Who’s been switching my Recovery Model?

A client has complained that somebody is switching their Db’s recovery model from FULL to Simple and would like me to catch the culprit. Is there a way to monitor who (or what job) makes the modification to Db? Thanks
Must be something with administrator privilegies.
Luis Martin
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yup, I agree. But unfortunately there are several "Administrators" and and I’d like to know who. Can you help?

You must run SQL Profile against ‘Alter database’ commands to find out else check the code running on application. OR restrict permissions. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
Deepak I’ve run it and a curious thing happens: Profiler logs the switch to FULL and BULK_LOGGED but not when the Db is switched to SIMPLE.

Hmmm, May be you can run profiler for more time..perhaps the code which changes recovery model to SIMPLE did not execute. Another, as you know which USER executed code to switch FULL to BULK_LOGGED restrict permissions for that(if possible, or review the requirments). Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
I’ve found the answer at another forum: http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=54549 thanks for your help