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wich one to choose

Hi, i have a server that have a sql server 2005 database. Last week i got a power supply problem, So during the time we wait for the power supply we could not work. So i start to think that we need something to replace if something append. So i start looking for that, and i found that i could use replication,log shipping or clustering. But the thing is i don’t know wich one to use. <br /><br />the thing i want is if my server crash or is unavailable, i just have to change my connection setting in my program, and my application will connect to the other server.<br /><br />Also, i don’t want to spend 100 000$ <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />Someone got an idea ?<br /><br />Thanks !
In my oppinion, clustering. Luis Martin
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ok but clustering cost a lot
How much do you have to spend? That will help make some reccomendations… One base factor to consider is that you will have to purchase an extra server. What you do with that extra server defines how much more (or less) you need to spend which will in turn define what scenario you create; if you solely let money dictate what you do… Logshipping: Is good, fairly simple to setup and maintain. Costs an extra server and licesnse(s) though. This looks to probably be your best bet based on the info you’ve given us sofar. Replication: Good, but complex and can cause additional development time if your database/schema/app requires modification for replication. Still costs an extra server and licenses. Clustering: Ultimate HA. Expensive and complex to setup & maintain but works very well. You still gotta buy a server for it, however licensing is cheaper if you only run active/passive and not active/active. If you run active/active, your licensing cost increases by a server again. DR is not cheap and be prepared to spend as much (if not more in some cases) as you did for the original hardware…
i already have to power edge server, with windows 2003 server rc2.