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Wich version to deploy

I’m deploying an ASP .Net application on which 20 users will be working at the same time. The database will start at less than 100mb. Is SQL EXPRESS 2005 powerfull enough to use for such an application. Thanks in advance for your answers
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Depend on the features you are after; I would suggest from the marketing schpiel that they are aiming the Workgroup edition at your kind of deployment.
Thanks for your replies. From what I read, it seems that there isn’t any drawback to deploy to SQL Server Express for the kind of web app I’m building. I’m just not sure about the speed. Does anyone know if there is a big speed difference between SQL Sever 2005 Express and Standard editions? If so where do these performance differences come from? Thanks again.
In my opinion 80% of performance has to do with the database design and the indexes on the tables. If you construct the proper indexes and have a good maintenance plan in place to maintain the indexes and don’t do silly things like have the application pass queries that ask for 1 million rows of data, then any version of SQL Server running on any box (including a calculator) would keep pace with what you are putting out there for that number of users.(ok slight exaggeration at least an adding machine) just my opinion
The biggest differences to me between Express and Workgroup are processor count and memory count. Express supports 1GB of RAM and 1 processors. Workgroup supports 3GB of RAM and 2 processors. If you want to start with Express, you can always upgrade later to the workgroup edition. If you start putting a lot of load on this server and have more data that needs to be cached, you’ll want to take advantage of the extra RAM in Workgroup. It can’t hurt to try Express though, unless this is a high customer visibility website and you just don’t want to take chances.
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