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Will 64 bit server work with a 32 bit server?

I have heard that if I put 64 bit Windows Server 2003 on my SQL server, I will have to also upgrade my web server (that reads data from the SQL server) to 64 bit as well. Is this true? It seems unlikely to me, but I actually heard this from a hardware consultant. Thanks
i think he meant if you upgrade your web server to 64-bit,
the iis version is also 64-bit
which means any web components need to match but there is no reason a 32-bit web server cannot communicate with a 64-bit server running sql of either flavor
For an AMD x64 machine, you have two options with SQL Server 2000. You can either run a 32-bit operating system, in which case you can run any edition of SQL Server 2000 with service pack. Or you can run a 64-bit operating system and SQL Server 2000 (any edition) SP4 under WOW. In that environment, SQL Server 2000 is not a native 64-bit application. It is running under WOW in 32-bit mode-so it doesn’t even know that a 64-bit world is out there. http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlprogrammab…performance-of-my-sql-server-application.aspx fyi. Satya SKJ
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kenp2600 – short answer: no, that is false.