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Win2000 lockup

Just a quick question. We have a windows 2000 server running with SQL Server 2000 and an windows service we wrote. The server relies heavily on the use of stored procedures (they’re executed about every 2 seconds). The problem is that the entire computer locks up momentarily every 2 hours on the dot. I’m quite certain that the windows service we are running doesn’t do anything on a 2-hour schedule. I’ve also looked to see if there are any scheduled tasks on the windows side, and there are not. SQL Server has one scheduled task, but it runs every minute, which basically runs some stored procedures on a schedule (NOTE: None of these stored procedures runs every 2 hours). My question: Is there any SQL Server functionality that runs every 2 hours? I’m not familiar enough with SQL Server to know what goes on in the background. I was thinking that maybe SQL Server ran some process every 2 hours to clean up memory or something. Thanks!
No there is not. Have you monitored the processes to see what’s running at that time? MeanOldDBA
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I assume you mean windows processes… I have not. Is there a better way of doing that other than looking at the processes through the task manager? From what I’ve read, this could be due to motherboard, memory sticks, video card, sound card, cpu, cpu fan….the list goes on and on… I was just assuming it might be SQL Server-related because SQL Server is the work horse on the server.