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Win2003EE & SQL2000EE memory split

New server has 6Gb phyiscal RAM. What’s the optimal split between OS and SQL of this amount of RAM? Thanks
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For a standalone server [i.e. running nothing else but SQL Server] the OS will hardly need anything. I’d give SQL server 5GB of this.
Thanks Thomas. It is indeed standalone. SQL does call out to a COM object via sp_OACreate – I’m guessing that this won’t take huge amounts of memory. Tradeco wholesalers, drop shippers & trade network
Com object uses memory called MemToLeave (MTL) by default sql reserves 256 MB where as you can increase using -G switch as startup parameter… To allocate 1 GB to OS you have to use /3GB switch… How to configure SQL Server to use more than 2 GB of physical memory
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