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XML Bulk Load vs Bulk Insert

Does anyone know of any performance tests done comparing XML Bulk Load against Bulk Insert?
Not yet heard of or done any tests on the issue but I remember an old sqlmag article comparing the BULK INSERT command against other data loading tools like bcp. You might be interested in reading it at this link: http://www.sqlmag.com/Articles/Print.cfm?ArticleID=19760] Nathan H.O.
Not done so far, but it would help with your feedback if you carry on so. _________
Satya SKJ

XML bulkload is faster then the non bulk insert methods but slower then BCP or BULK INSERT
statements it has several options for perfromance tuning:
Table lock
and transaction
that can increase perfomnace but there are tradeoffs involved SP2 beta now suports multiple identity inserts I have it loading a 30mb in under 5 seconds YMMV
I am facing a problem in uploading bulk XML of 37 MB. Kindly let me know the code that u have used for uploading the file in just 5 seconds.
I just modified the code in the SQLXML 3.0 bulkload example. I used .net(C#) I’m working on a custom DTS for this. there are serveral performance options you can use with XMLBulkload including ForceTableLock and useTransaction. loadtime of course is highly dependant on the speed of your hardware and the amount of contention in the DB