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FTP file Using DTS

I have a DTS package which does the following
1. EXECUTE SQL TASK (query in it) on success 2. Microsoft OLE DB (database connection) transform data task 3. Text File Destination (creates a text file TEST in a folder) on success 4. FTP ( I WANT TO FTP THIS FILE TO A SITE) The problem is I click on the FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL TASK and its asks me to enter the FTP SITE USERNAME AND PASSWORD and then the destination DIRECTORY PATH. I don’t know the path. What do I need to mention here Also when I click on file and select a Blank Text file from there
and check overwrite still after the task is complete data does not appears in that. ALTHOUGH IT SAYS TASK SUCCESSFUL even if I leave the destination Directory path BLANK.
Does anyone knows how to figure this out. I am sure its a simple solution.

check the default directory of the FTP user you are using. That is where the file will be. If you want to be in a specific remote directory, you need to specify the directory. May the Almighty God bless us all!
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