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FTP job

I am using DTS for my nightly jobs to Ftp some files to different server but I dont understand why my connection fails once or twice in a week, then I have to manually run my DTS job to perform the task.
Can any one tell me what might be the problem and how do I overcome it so that my DTS job run smoothly for ever. Thanks!
You could use a program like WGET to redo the ftp job if it fails and add some code in to check if the ftp has succeeded (e.g. check file sizes). WGET is a utility which can be run through a command line that will run the ftp and pick up where it left off if the connection is dropped. My experience of it is that it works well including over pretty ropey connections. Regards, Robert.
What actually is a WGET, is that a software that logs the ftp connection or anything else, can you pls breif me about it and how its going to work in my scenario? Thanks!
Reddy, WGet is software which does the ftp of the file, you specify in the command line (or batch file) the ftp server and file location as well as username and password rather as you can do with ftp in the command line. If the connection is dropped you simply need to run the same command line again and the utility wget manages what data has already be transferred and picks up where it left off. It is a single exe file and I have only used it on a PC interactively but I imagine it would work OK on your server. I don’t actually know how it logs its progress however I am sure that if you search for it online you can find a wealth of information on it. The other advantage of it is that it is open source so you can download it for free, evaluate it as you wish and use it in line with the open source licence agreement. I have used it to ftp Lotus Notes databases, virus updates, program installation files and a few other things on dodgy internet connections, but I have not used it programmatically before. I don’t offer and guarantees with it it was really just an idea for you, and undoubtedly there are many other tools that will do a similar thing. Regards, Robert.