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Full fault tolerance (data,software,hardware,os)

Hello Everybody, As you know MS SQL clustering offers hardware, OS, and software fault tolerance. However what about data fault tolerance. Is there any solution to write data on two seprated disk arrays? I know what the replication is.However I want to use two HP MSA 1000 and write data on both of them in realtime.Is it possible?How? Is it possible replicat data from Active node to passive node and write the replicated data on the second array?If yes, what happen if the first node failes? Does the passive node able to give the VIP and continues the service? I am trying to find a full fault tolerance (contain OS,hardware,Data,Software) with automatic and fast failover.What do you think ? Is it possible?
Hi ya, I’m pretty sure that HP have solutions for mirroring disk arrays on a SAN, but I’m not sure how (or if) these could be made to failover (nearly) transparently Cheers
True and recently we have deployed HP machines for one of the critical applications at our end, though bit of ££££ on the budget, but at the end as the business needs realtime availability until SQL 2005 is really kicked-in. Satya SKJ
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you can go for RAID 10 on SAN. Thanks N’ Regards