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Full-Text Indexing Problem – Help please.

Hi, I have a problem with full-texting indexing. Please can you help? I have created a full-text index on a table, but the index appears to ignore single characters and two characters that include either + or # (For exampe: A+, C#). I need for all the above to be included in the index. Any ideas … You help would be much appreciated. Darren
Problem solved … no need to reply.
Feel free to post the solution as well so it can help others in the future.
With a little hunting around and help from work mates, I have discovered that FT indexing has a configurable list of words that will be ingnored the file is called noise.eng and is held in Microsoft SQL ServerMSSQLFTDATASqlserverConfig. It lists each letter in the alphabet … Therefore, you can edit the file to resolve this or do not use the reserved words in your searches.
Thanx for the update.