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Geographically Distributed Clustering

Hello: Currently I´m evalluating to build a cluster based on Windows 2003 Server, but the only configuration suitable for the application is the Geographically Distributed Cluster, with 3 Nodes using a Frame Relay WAN, backuped with VPN/IP based on xDSL. Can SQL Server 2005 work in that configuration? Can the 3 nodes be Active/Active/Active? I´ll glad to get help. Thanks in advance for reading my question. Sergio Norzagaray
It is very early to comment on SQL 2005 workout, refer to similar topic in this regard. Satya SKJ
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Satya: Since you anser my inquiry, I have spent hours reading about Clustering from articles taken from link that you gave me. And then realize that SQL Server is oblivous about where nodes are placed and how are communicated; that duty is concern of the OS rather than SQL Server. I wanna thanks you for your help, by me and by all those who ask for assistance. Sergio Norzagaray