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Getting ‘BLOB’ error

While using DTS I get the following error "Query-based insertion or updating of BLOB values is not supported. The cursor was not declared’ I have eight tables in my MSSQL database. DTS has no problems exporting seven of these. The table that causes the above error has two columns out of nine with datatype as ‘Text’. These two columns are used to store large amounts of text data, upto 20,000 words. While running the website (VBScript, ASP) on a testing server (on my computer) the above columns have no difficulty in displaying all the stored text on the asp page. The problem is with the hosting server. My host still uses MSQL server 8.00.194 and I don’t think plans to upgrade soon.
While running the website from the host server the asp page that is supposed to display the text shows data only from the other columns except the two which have ‘text’ datatype. How can I work around the above problem? I’ve tried to declare the cursor as ‘keyset’ and also tried ‘static’ but no joy.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
hi, plse see AKTHAR
Akthar, While doing a google search for the ‘BLOB’ error I already came across that page. It’s pretty technical and I supppose meant for advanced users. To quote the last para from the page:
"If a row contains more than a single large data value, and DBPROP_ACCESSORDER is not DBPROPVAL_AO_RANDOM, the consumer must either use a SQLOLEDB cursor-supported rowset to retrieve row data or process all large data values prior to retrieving other row values. If DBPROP_ACCESSORDER is DBPROPVAL_AO_RANDOM, SQLOLEDB caches all the BLOB data so it can be accessed in any order. " Is the above paragraph telling us to use only one column with ‘text’ datatype?
My host still uses ODBC, so using ‘SQLOLEDB cursor-supported rowset’ is out of the question.
Could you explain it further or do you have any other tips?
IT seems the host computer is still with no service pack on SQL, so you must upgrade it or level with the source pc in order to avoid any issues. Satya SKJ
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