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Global variables with a Oracle Query

Hello, I transform data from my oracle database to a SQL database to use it for SQL OLAP.
I want to use the Parameters function in de "Transform Data Task Properties (TDT)" window.
The parameter I want to set is a date, this date I want to use in all Transform Data Tasks, but when I defined a data parameter, my oracle query doesn’t want to eat it. ora_date >= to_date(‘&var_date’,’dd-mm-yyyy’) is the statement for oracle to use variables. but how must the query be for the TDT. I tried:
ora_date >= to_date(‘:var_date,’dd-mm-yyyy’)
ora_date >= to_date:)var_date,’dd-mm-yyyy’)
ora_date >= to_date(?,’dd-mm-yyyy’) but this didn’t work.
Does someone know how to do this? thnx
what is the date datatype in oracle and sql ?