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Hey there VB & SQL users,
OK, first of all i would like to say that i am in the midst of creating an application. However, i have a lot, i mean A LOT of setbacks. I’m not new to this VB, however my level of expertise is kind of weak, if you know what i mean. I’ve been studying it for about 3-4 years and still i am weak at it. Currently, i am working and this project needs to be completed. Currently, i am stuck!! I hate it when that happens. I have no idea anymore. Could anyone please do help me out here. I also have an intention using SQL as its database, however currenlty im using Access as its database. Man..really i do need assistance.Anyone?!
would u be more specific to get good answer.
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Yes you need to be get to the point what exactly you want to achieve. I guess the outline of your question is to use whether Access or SQL Server as a backend, then you cannot compare both of them even though it comes from Microsoft. I would like to emphasize few points between these 2 applications: – Access has a very nice upsizing feature that could move you to SQL Server in the future with your same code base. Just make sure you use ADO to access data, not DAO. DAO is obsolete. – Specifications does say that an MS Access database can expand upto 2 GB. But in practical situations, the speed of data access will start degrading if the size reaches even 25% of the limited 2 GB. And multi-user access to a MS Access database becomes slow if it crosses 5 simultaneous user access. – The reason for going to SQL Server in this scenario is not so much the size of the data, but the robustness of things like backup and restore. The question you should ask the customer is how much data they are willing to lose. If they say none, then they need to be educated on what could happen so they can adjust either their spending upward or their expectations downward. -Access doesn’t support Transaction Logging, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of a database in the real world. But Access should work fine as long as the customer knows what to expect in advance. This is to your benefit as well as theirs. – You can go for MSDE if the user base is not big which is far better than using Access. HTH Satya SKJ
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