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Heartbeat comm has Loopback DNS Address

I noticed that the Heartbeat comm on SQLClusterB has a loopback address in the DNS location. is this supposed correct? I am not sure why one server would have it and one wouldn’t but this doesn’t seem correct. This server is the Active directory server also.
Any ideas would be greeatly appreciated.
Use the PING utility from the command prompt to check each network adapter for connectivity with the loopback address (, the card’s own IP address, and the IP address of another system. Because is important that the heartbeat packets be sent and received in a timely manner, only PCI-based network adapters should be used, because the PCI bus has the highest priority.
Satya SKJ
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It can be ignored if you host DNS on the servers as well (Which you sometimes do on an AD). Then will be added as an entry here. You don’t need an entry at all for DNS though on the heartbeat NIC.
You are right Argyle, the system is hosting the DNS and AD which helps explain why the loopback is there. Thank you both for your information.