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Help Needed !

Hey guyz ! i have a job that has multiple steps .. each step runs a dts package. so … mutiple packages need to run to complete the job success. there is an error i am getting at the step 1 itelf. Executed as user: CORPsqlcorpusmdbdb3. The process could not be created for step 1 of job 0x1F84526F8B21594A977886F459DE7B56 (reason: The system cannot find the file specified). The step failed. in order to troubleshoot i created a job for each package and i ran each of them individually both cases jobs are running under the same user(sysadmin). but the same setup in the other environment(prod) is working fine(all dts in one job)
the intention here is to set up test environment. any advice would be appreciated !
If you go onto the server and run it from there, does it still fail?
What file is the DTS trying to access (presumably some import)? Make sure you specify the path to the file as a network path, and not as a drive letter, else if you run it from your machine, it may try to use YOUR C: and not the servers etc
hello i think you did not understand my question. i have multiple dts packages . there is a job that runs multiple dts packages in steps (one package each step) it fails with the error as i typed earlier. that error doesn’t make sense because if i can run each package per job , it runs fine.. that mean "n" no of jobs for each package. the error is confusing as if there is a error in the dts package itself.
we have the same job set up in production that works fine. i did lot of research i can’t figure that out.
i again appreciate the help.