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Help on Log Shipping set up

I read through the article on this site for Log Shipping and when I run the job to do the restore of the database on the standy server, I get the following error: Could not relay results of procedure ‘restore_database_backups’ from remote server ‘’. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 7221) [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 731212) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
this can be the solution for this problem but i am not sure just try it out. before u run the restore command you have to fire the command below. see what the name of the file given as(this name can change). i am not sure u can try it out. i had the same problem but that time i was restoring the whole database on a different server. if u need i can give u the restore command also. RESTORE FILELISTONLY
then ur command will come Thanks,
I tried the code you posted but I still got the same error – the stored procedure I’m using is this: CREATE PROCEDURE restore_database_backups AS
FROM DISK =’D:ackup_pointdatabase_backup_device.BAK’
FROM DISK = ‘D:ackup_pointdatabase_backup_device.BAK’
MOVE ‘database_Data’ TO ‘D:ackup_pointdatabase.mdf’,
MOVE ‘database_Log’ TO ‘D:ackup_pointdatabase_log.ldf’
WAITFOR DELAY ’00:05:05′
GO Thanks in advance for the help.
NO i did not mean that. what i meant was run this filelistonly command first alone. no stored procedure initially.
FROM DISK =’D:ackup_pointdatabase_backup_device.BAK’
then see what result it gives u. see what is the physical name that it gives of the data file and the log file. now u should have the same path in the restore statement also.
MOVE ‘database_Data’ TO ‘D:ackup_pointdatabase.mdf’,
MOVE ‘database_Log’ TO ‘D:ackup_pointdatabase_log.ldf’ Thanks,
I ran the command beforehand to get the logical names of the files. I thought that the MOVE command would basically tell the restore where it would place the data and the log on the standby server?
is the matter resolved now or u have problems still i cud not get this from the reply that you gave. Thanks,
The error still persists. We don’t have the exact same setup on the remote server as far as hard drives, so on the MOVE command I just specify a different drive with the filename. Is that ok to do or would that cause this type of problem?
do step by step first run the filelistonly command on the destination server. give the path of the backup file correctly in filelistonly command and send me the physical file names (both data and log). i will write down the restore and send it to u Thanks,
MOVE ‘database_Data’TO ‘F:DATABASEMSSQLDatadatabase.mdf,D,PRIMARY,10734665728,3.51844E+13
MOVE ‘database_Log’ TO ‘E:SQL_LOGSdatabase_log.ldf,L,NULL,1920073728,3.51844E+13’ I dont thk u can move the database data and log file to different location. but i will surely confirm it and let u know, someitme later today for sure
Hey Narayanan, I resolved the problem. It was in the time it was taking to execute the remote stored procedure. I adjusted the time that the connection would run and it worked. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. It’s much appreciated!