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Help with new Cluster

I have the following cluster to plan: Active/Passive , do I install sql server on both servers?
Active/Active, do I install sql server on both servers?
Active/Active/Passive, do I install sql server on all servers? Thanx

Does any body have easy to read and follow document to install sql server on cluster. Thanx
In active/passive, you install only one active instance, on both servers. One node is active and one passive. On active/active, you install two active instances, one on each node. I don’t know what an active/active/passive node is. See the Articles on this site for info on installing clusters. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
SQL-Server-Performance.Com – what mentioned by Brad. Satya SKJ
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Thank you both (brad & Satya) for your help. The information you provided was a big help.