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Help with scalability

I want to do the following.
Have 3 + servers that have the same copy of the same DB on (it has to be real time – hence log shipping is out of the question). These DBs need to be kept in synch in realtime and I need to be able to run SELECT queries off either of the three.
What would be the best way to do this. Can you do this via active active clustering? To clarify, preferably we want 3 copies of the existing DB kept in synch and on seperate disks on seperate servers. (3 servers will just be our starting point and we would add more if need be) Any help is appreciated,

Consider using Transactional replication in this scenario. SQL Server 2000 failover clustering provides high availability support. For example, during an operating system failure or a planned upgrade, you can configure one failover cluster to fail over to any other node in the failover cluster configuration. In this way, you minimize system downtime, thus providing high server availability. for transactional replication step by step guide. HTH Satya SKJ
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