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Help with Totals

I’m trying to convert reports from Crystal to RS. I have textboxes that use nested IIF statement in the details section. I would like to aggregate these text boxes (sum) at each Group level. I can’t seem to get this to work. Any ideas, please? IE: January 0
February 0
March 25 Total 25

I’m basically using this expression in a table, and I’m using this statement at the
details level , then would like to sum these values up at each group.
=iif((ReportItems!MONTHCOUNTER.value ) =First(Fields!month.Value,
"MonthtoDate"),(fields!Net_Amount.Value ),0) The iif statement basically just checks to see if the current month is last month of data. Is this an aggregate of aggregates? or is there another way of doing this? details section (there will be a list of 0’s and some with numbers based upon above expression) Location group (want to sum the numbers (expression)in this group
Sales Group (and this group. )
Hopefully this is enough. Thanks .