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hiding report parameters selectively

I kind of need an answer to this posting, even if it is to say you can’t do
that. This is a high priority issue for the deployment of this report. Basically I have 3 parms. Param A and B are the date ranges of the report
which the user should be able to change. Parm C is a UserId which is being
passed in the URL and is used in the query for the report to look up what
customers this user is allowed to view and return from the query. The user
of the report should not be allowed to change this parm because we do not
want them to see other reps customers. Therefore parm C should either not
be able to be changed or hidden. Is this possible? I have Parm C setup with no prompt, do not allow null, do not allow blank, a
default value of 0. When we run the report parm C shows up the Report
Parameters menu and you can change its value.
Sometimes the RDL changes will not reflect in Report Manager specifically for parameters changing to not prompt, allow null and blank. Go to properties tab in Report Manager and changes the parameter settings in Report Manager.