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High Performance Question Cluster ?

Is this setup possible, and if so, what is it called? Setup two or more "frontend" SQL Servers and have them share a backend storage (either directattached SCSI and have two frontend servers or SAN and have multiple frontend servers). We do a LOT of data crunching and calculations inside of SQL, so we need more CPU firepower. Is it possible to setup a cluster for performance instead of failover? Say that we could have both sql servers maxed CPU, but sharing the same database storage in the back end. We have two seperate sytsems. System A does read/write, website usage and internal changes to the data while System B is a read-only copy of System A and does reports (System B is the system that is always maxed on CPU). We do a monthly update to the System B from System A manually. We do this to keep System A which our website uses for light data to be as fast as possible and system b for the heavy work (always at 90%+ cpu).
Hi ya, no this is not possible. You can scale SQL up, but not out. So bigger hardware is the only option to improve performance not adding more servers Cheers