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Horizontal Listing Report

Hello: I am learning as I go with the new MS Reporting Services. So, this may be a newbie question, but as of this point, I am out of ideas. I am trying to write a report that returns a dataset with X number of rows, with 1 column. I then want to write out the results of that dataset horizontially, into 10 columns on the screen, then goto the next line and print next 10, etc… Thus creating a report that looks like a table Can this be done with the new Reporting Services? From my perspective, it seems that the standard is to print each new row vertically down rather than horizontal. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!
I am having this exact same problem. I want it to list a set of values horizontally instead of vertically, and a matrix is not an option in this particular case, is this possible?
Nevermind, I got it. To those wondering you can add static rows to a matrix to make it work like a table, but it can list horizontally. They positioned the add row feature in a poor place though making it harder to find. I only right clicked under rows in the matrix, but in order to add another row you can only right click the data area.
I’ve got matrix to show data (there are 2 feilds) horizontally. But … Is there a way to show first…let’s say 20 colomns and then to start from the next line?…
Thank you in advance.