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How can I configure Log shipping

Hi, I am using SQL Server 2000 developer edition and I have to setup Log shipping configuration. How can I do this using developer edition? I want to know the exact sequence of calling stored procedures like sp_add_log_shipping_database *
sp_add_log_shipping_plan *
sp_add_log_shipping_plan_database *
sp_add_log_shipping_primary *
sp_add_log_shipping_secondary *
sp_get_log_shipping_monitor_info *
sp_can_tlog_be_applied *
sp_change_monitor_role *
sp_remove_log_shipping_monitor *
sp_change_ primary_role *
sp_resolve_logins *
sp_update_log_shipping_monitor_info *
sp_create_log_shipping_monitor_account etc. which are used in the SQL server 2000 Enterprise edition to set up Log shipping configuration using wizard.I want to script the operation so that I can manually configure Log shipping using SQL server developer edition.Can anyone help me? With regards and Thanx
Rajendra Chaudhary

Refer to this link for complete information and also take help of SQL books online. Satya SKJ
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