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How to aggregate performance data

How can I aggregate the reads, writes and duration columns I get from profiler? I want to see the totals of a certain login over a period of time. Thanks
i like to run profiler on the server itself, you can use a server side script if you want,
save the data to a file on the local system, definitely not to a disk used by the log and preferably to disks not used by data, the backup location is usually good. then transfer the files to a development box with SQL Server,
use the ::fn_trace_gettable to load the profiler data into a SQL table, example below SELECT IDENTITY(int,1,1) AS RowNumber, EventClass, DatabaseID, TextData, CPU, Duration, Reads, ClientProcessID, SPID, StartTime, HostName, Writes
INTO Trace20050913
FROM ::fn_trace_gettable(‘C:MSSQLTrace race_20050913_0.trc’, default)
WHERE EventClass IN (10,12,41) — 43 sp completed

You like to run profiler on the server itself Joe??? I don’t mind running traces on a production box. I would never run Profiler on it though. MeanOldDBA
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as long as capture rate is less than 1000 events per sec, this is a negligible load. running profiler on the server can be lower impact than running profiler over the network,
of course, a server side trace has the lowest impact, but sometimes it is necessary to see the trace as it is running,
also consider the disk space used by profiler in the temp location as well as the saved file location