How to Cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005

Mark Horniger et al
ISBN-10: 1597491969 Microsoft has added many new security features in SQL Server 2005 which enable you to run a high-performance database server with very little security risk. The new features have been added to both the administrative tools as well as the T-SQL language itself. Due to the sheer amount of innovations it is possible that even dedicated database administrators and developers can overlook security issues.  The book How to Cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005 can provide clarification in such situations. This book is precise, real-world oriented and very understandable.  The book discusses topics such as authentication modes, schemata, password policies, DDL triggers and data encryption. Furthermore one can find security-specific explanations on topics that are not directly related to the SQL Server engine such as Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services as well as Windows Group Policies and Active Directory. The discussion of these side-topics alone provides a great deal of additional value and contributes to the overall positive impression of the book. To sum it up, this book is highly recommended reading for everyone tasked with SQL Server security. ]]>

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