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how to check if the log shipping is succesful

Hi all, How can i check that if the logshipping is working perfectly fine. I test on test database. all the job worked successful but i don’t see the changes in the database nor i seee th file which sould be copied to destination location. How to check it [email protected]@@ Thanks!!
a simple (if kludgy) way would be to run a select on the logshipped database (which should be in read only iirc), and confirm that it is accurate.
You might be able to review the SQL Server logs on the destination server – I think the restores of the logs should be in there.
Do you have a monitor server set-up – what does that show?
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it does not show anything like log restored!! nor in database selece shows anything!! Thanks Thanks!!
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hi, thanks
it works fine now but getting error for The log shipping source (local).test has not backed up for 325 minutes.. this error is getting in server log!!! why! please help me to solve it plz… Thanks!!