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How to create an array of string in stored proc ?

Hey, now, I want to create an array of string to process my job in stored procedure, but, I do not know how to do that ! Please help me ! Thanks ! I am Tran Quang Phuong
You have to provide more information for use to help you. Please describe what do you want to do, provide your table structure, some sample data and the result that you want.
Thanks for your reply, now, I will describe my problem and I hope that you will help me to find the way to solve it ! My task is how to find the "similiar" words in our database ! Now, I have to use my software to find the similiar name. For example : The name : "Donaldson Filtration Slovensko s.r." and the name : "PENTA Slovensko Donaldsin spol. sro" are "similiar". In that case : the word "Donaldson" and "Donaldsin" can be called similiar because they are diffrence not more one character in the same positon in the string. I used stored procedure to sovle this problem because it is a larg number of records in each table (for over 1 million records for each table). The way I had used first is create a temperary table to contain _____________________ CREATE TABLE #SeperateString1
String1 nvarchar(100)
) CREATE TABLE #SeperateString2
String2 nvarchar(100)
) ____________ So that, I will analyze those string into 2 tables by detecting the blank character between 2 words ! Then, I compare values between 2 tables, _________________________ DECLARE ST1_Cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT String1 FROM #SeperateString1
OPEN ST1_Cursor FETCH NEXT FROM ST1_Cursor INTO @String1
SELECT String2 FROM #SeperateString2
OPEN ST2_Cursor FETCH NEXT FROM ST2_Cursor INTO @String2
Begin Exec CompareString @String1, @String2, @Result = @KetQua Output If @KetQua = 1
Exec SetCol1 @ID, @Rescol1 = @Rescol1 Output
Exec SetCol2 @IDCI, @Rescol2 = @Rescol2 Output
Select @ResCol3 = ‘Name: ‘+ Char(13) + Char(10) + @String1 + ‘ <==> ‘ + @String2
Select @ResCol4 = 0 Select @ResCol5 = GetDate() If (Not Exists(Select * From Result Where IAdata like @ResCol1 And DataFound like @ResCol2 And Reason like @Rescol3)) And (Not Exists(Select * From Dictionary Where Value = @String1)) And (Not Exists(Select * From Dictionary Where Value = @String2))
INSERT INTO Result (IAData, DataFound, Reason, Decide, DateNow) VALUES (@ResCol1, @ResCol2, @ResCol3, @ResCol4, @ResCol5)
End End
End CLOSE ST2_Cursor
CLOSE ST1_Cursor
DEALLOCATE ST1_Cursor ______________________________________
Results will be add to "Result" table After that, I will deallocate my temporary tables which I have created. ________________
drop table #SeperateString1
drop table #SeperateString2
________________ This SP will be run in about 3 hours !
Problems occour is memory ! For about an hour to run, my memory I detected in "Task Manger" grown up to 200MB –> 300 MB (Amazing and suprised !) and my computer "run" slowlier than before ! I don’t know why ! Can you help me to explain. For me, the way to explain in this case is Microsoft SQL Server 2000, he was not able to free memory after each session, it was still in my RAM (and even over my RAM, because there is no room to contain them)! So that, it was grown up in an amazing way ! My solution in this case is use an array of string to compare (not simulate a virtual array)! But, in data type of SP not have "array" ! What can I do now ? Please help me to find the way to solve this problem, thanks for all !
I am Tran Quang Phuong
For the array question, check out the article at
As for the similarity comparison, I guess you’re using Double Metaphone Phonetic Matching. If so, check out:
or even (which you have to adapt to T-SQL. —
Frank Kalis
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
Thanks to FrankKalis, I have read all of your topic, but did not find the way to solve this problem ! Can we discuss about the memory allocate in SP. For me, the sentence : "Drop Table #TempTable" does not free memory from RAM when SP is running. Can we call this is an error of SP ? Or I use this sentence in a wrong way ? Memory, memory and all ! Difficult to think ! Best regards.
Tran Quang Phuong.
I am Tran Quang Phuong