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How to determine package name – DTSRun ~Z…

I am supporting servers containing a large number of DTS packages and my DTS knowledge is small. Today a scheduled job failed and the job contained a DTSRun ~Zxxxxxxxxx command. How do I determine the package name to know what package is failing? Dave
I’m not sure you can as I think it is encrypted. You may be able to find out what has run from msdb for example select * from msdb.dbo.sysdtspackagelog
where logdate > ’24 aug 2005′ Alternatively ask your developers for the documentation of what each scheduled job does. Afterwards if you aren’t concerned about encrypting the DTS package names make sure that they schedule them by writing the DTSrun command themselves in future rather than being lazy and right clicking to schedule them. Regards, Robert.

Even if you just right click & schedule a DTS, the scheduled job gets the same name as the DTS package, so they should match up unless someone deliberatly changed the sched job name 🙁
Check the DTS package log for further information on the error, as it is bit tricky to findout from the scheduled jobs as explained above. Satya SKJ
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