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How to determine rowcount of recordset

Hi there, I am running a ASP/IIS website with SQL2000 as database.
Is it possible to determine how many rows a recordset has? For example: SET rs = conn.Execute ("SELECT names FROM customers WHERE age<30") count = rs.RecordCount Response.Write "We have " & count & " customers younger than 30 :"
While Not rs.Eof
Obviously the `count = rs.RecordCount` doesn’t work in this example. What should I do to get it working? I want to use this information to make a progressbox: it needs to know how many records will be processed before the while/wend loop starts. Thanks,
>>Obviously the `count = rs.RecordCount` doesn’t work in this example. What does it give?
You need to declare the cursorLocation as ClientSide set rs.CursorLocation=AdUseClient
Then write your queries Otherwise immediately after running Execute command, run Select @@RowCount and assign that to other recordset Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
As you need just the recordcount you can even try changing your query and will be more guaranteed to give correct count.
SET rs = conn.Execute ("SELECT count(names) FROM customers WHERE age<30")
if not rs.eof then Response.Write "We have " & rs(0) & " customers younger than 30 :"

rs.RecordCount will only work with the following ADO cursor types:
Serverside – Static
Serverside – Keyset When doing a conn.Execute you get none of those, you get a Forward-only cursor. For more info about ADO cursors see: