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how to execute DTS package from non-SQL system

HI All, I have one DTS Package which I am using for importing data from my SQL server into excel file. Now I am using this package through "dtsrun", through one machine, where I have installed SQL server Client utilities. My Question is: How can I execute this pacakge from one machine from where I don’t have SQL client. The reason is, I want this package should not be person dependent or machine dependant. Is there any solution like making this DTS package in "exe" or so? If anyone know about this issue, pls share it. Thanks

To execute a DTS package from command prompt, you need to use dtsrun utility.
So you need to have dtsrun in other machine where you dont have client.
Orelse you can search for some third party tools.
Maybe has a solution. —
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There are thord party tools like SQL Packer from red-gate where you can create packages.
Otherwise, you have to relay on dtsrun —————————————-
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Yes Ranjit, we need dtsrun in the system.
I think it might be installed while we install SQL client/server.
I think we can not just move this file and use it, and it needs supporting dlls and rlls. I think has some related stuff. But it needs some VB skills too. Instead of this, as Dinesh told, SQL Packager is another tool, but its more into c#. Anyway let me try either. Thank you all