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How to hide a member?

Hi, I have a dimension named Products with the following hierarchy: Type
Sub Type
Due to requirements I want that a particular product, whose name is "Blank Product" should not be displayed when the user drills down to the lowest level i.e. the Product level. I tried playing with the Advanced Properties tab but could not make any progress and thus will be grateful for help. Thanks.
Well you were on the right track in advanced properties for the dimension. You need to use the source table filter, but if your fact table is a view and all your dimension members are in the fact table then it could cause problems, I’m not sure test it out. You can also filter out the member at the database level.
Thanks for the reply. For this test scenario, my dimension is based directly on a table and not a view and I have tried the following in the source table filter (advanced property tab) but I get errors: "dbo"."tblProducts"."ProdName" <> "Blank Product" and also tried "dbo"."tblProducts"."ProdName" <> Blank Product
Any clues?