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How to improve opendatasource in SQL2k

Hi, If my application is using the SQL Server 2000 opendatasource import function to import excel file into our DB table for processing. However, it is taking up lot of resources and CPU usage. Any other way to improve on this area and resource. Thank you
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You must import from text file, maybe the function open Excel object on server and the bottleneck is Excel.
it is taking up lot of resources and CPU usage
Check what kind of activity is running on SQL Server, run PERFMON to capture counters for further assessment. If that file is located on a network drive, then make sure there is no issues on network to pull the information and also SQLAgent has required privileges to perform the task. Satya SKJ
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Give us a technical idea of how you come up with "it is taking up lot of resources and CPU usage". Please provide the table indexes and how you are performing the transaction (the actual syntax will be a good start). May the Almighty God bless us all!