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How to query to 2 tables for same row

Hi Lets assume we have a table with 2 columns that point to same column in 2nd table.
For example "Salary" table has 2 columns "usersID" and "UserBossId" that both points to userid column in "Users" Table. Now the question is How do i query the table to get the data in this format salary UserName UserBossName Thanks

You need to join onto the 2nd table twice, and this means aliasing it so you can differentiate between them… select
Salary s
LEFT JOIN Users baseUser ON (s.usersID = baseUser.usersid)
LEFT JOIN Users bossUser ON (s.UserBossID = bossUser.usersid)
I guess column userId is mandatory (not nullable) in salary table, so inner join can be used instead.
apart from the CEO who presumably has no boss <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /><br />But yes, well spotted, baseUser at least could use inner join<br /><br /><br />