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How to restore cluster environment?

HI Guys, This is to clarify one doubt about the clustered environment. I have installed Windows Clustering Services and then SQL Active/Passive Cluster with that.
Instead of that, I have some more resources which are related to cluster like my ERP application and backup software in my cluster resources. Everything are working fine. But I want to know whether I could take the system state backup of my Active cluster node and use it for restoration when my cluster-resource setting got disturbed like , if I try to remove the Full-text Serch (which is installed by default), it will also remove SQL Server and SQL ServerAgent along with that and this time you are not in a possition to even uninstall SQL Server from cluster. Only possible way is, clean the registry and do the installation. In this situation, can I use the latest System State back of my active Cluster node for restoration and my cluster environment will come back as it was? Or is there any other method to resolve this issues. Anyone has any idea about this? Thanks in advance

Okay, what’s the actual problem? Is it that you want to remove Full text search?
Full Text Search is installed its own and its dependency is SQL Server resource. My Question is not how to remove the added resources or add any new resources. My Question is, if something went wrong with cluster settings like unexpectedly deleted resources or done some changes in dependancies, my affect the cluster. This particular situation, Can any backup like "System state" will help to restore the cluster environment to the original settings?? Hope you understud my query well!!! -Johnson

Can anyone reply to this?
Is there any plans for these kind of situations without re-installing from begining? -Johnson
If someone mess up and remove services or other things in a non supported way I would always go with a reinstall if possible. If that is no an option I would look into third party backup tools since I’m not sure a system state backup etc from each node would be enough. I could be wrong here though.