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How to set up the clusterr and domain controller

Dear Brad M. McGehee, Your article on How to Configure Virtual Server 2005 in Order to Setup
a Test SQL Server Cluster is very interesting and I
followed this article in setting up virtual machines
node1 and node2 to build a two node cluster. I am
stuck-up with how to configure a domain controller on
node1. Would you please mail me detailed instructions
on how to set up a domain controller on virtual
machine node1 and how to set up the cluster with these
two nodes all ready created on virtual server 2005. But this article did not mention about how to configure the
Quorum disk and sharedarray disk.Would you please detail the remaining procedure on how to create a cluster with the quorum disk and sharedarray disk. Thank you so much for such a nice article. Thanks Ram Paleti 10/25/2005 Dear Brad M. McGehee, I have figured out how to configure the Domain controller and I installed the domain controller and DNS server on node 1. I am now stuck-up on configuring the shared drives sharedarray.vhd and Quorum.vhd. Do I need to create SCSI adopters on each node to attach the shared quorum drive. Please explain in detail how I configure the sharedarray.vhd and quorum.vhd. Should I create individual SCSI adopters and assign one for each shared drive. Thanks Ram Paleti Ramamohanarao Paleti