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How to transfer Jobs

Hi All
Can you please suggest me how to transfer jobs & DTS packages through DTS utilities or any other in SQL server 2000. I need to transfer few jobs & DTS packages from one server to another. Please suggest me some way.
Many Thanks in advance.
There are so many ways:
i)copy and restore msdb database that takes care of all jobs and dts packages ii)right click on the job script it as .sql file and execute in SQL QA on the target server, for DTS open the pkg click package click save as and save it to the target u have three options like structure sql file or Sql server. Rajesh

I think scripting is the best way. by restoring the msdb there is a chance of restoring unneesary DTS and job. so I go with scripting if you want only jobs to be transfered —————————————-

Hi Rajesh & Dinesh
Thanks for ur help. But I am unable to restore that DTS on my target server. What I did, I save the DTS package as Structure file on my target server but now I dont know how to recall that file & store the package on my server. I mean I want to see it in EM but cant. Thanks so much for ur help. I m unabel to restore MSDB because I m unable to kill one process & without that I cant restore MSDB.

Set Location ‘SQL Server’ and save it in your target sql server instead of structure file.
Thanks buddy. Its work fine.
To restore msdb always its better to stop SQL Server agent