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huge log files….

Hello, I have two SQL server running merge replication. On de subscriber the log files of these databases are huge. here is some data
Distributor Subcriber
APPL_WTP.mdf – 6.501.760 KB APPL_WTP_Data.mfd – 5.128.960 KB
APPL_WTP.ldf – 7.616 KB APPL_WTP_Log.ldf – 38.117.120 KB WEEGSYSTEEM.mdf – 3.529.152 KB WEEGSYSTEEM_Data.mdf – 1.485.504 KB
WEEGSYSTEEM.ldf – 625.152 KB WEEGSYSTEEM_Log.ldf – 37.956.864 KB Is there a way to reduce the size of these files…
It is getting urgent since my disks is running full.
See HTH. Gaurav
But for that you have to stop the replication and carry on the SHRINK DB process.
Came accross other forum, how about the Tlog backup schedule and recovery model selected?
Satya SKJ