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Identify failover event?

Guys, We have active/passive cluster set up. There are 2 machines in a cluster. If machine 1 fails, machine 2 takes over, with no fail back. We had an issue recently – there was a failover, but we never knew about it since SQL Server was working with no problem, until some point in time. This point in time occurred when we began to run out of disk space on a disk to where we back up db and transaction log. Apparently we did not compress the drive on the ‘to fail over to’ machine. Can anyone share, from their experience, how one can identify and alert if a failover occurs? Thanks a lot
There is no built in option to get the alerts but you can setup one… Simple one is install sql mail and configure to send an email when the sql agent restarted…
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Being a DBA or System Admin you must follow in observing the event viewer & SQL Server error log every day. Otherwise do need have a third party tool or performance generated alerts using SYSMON fyi. Satya SKJ
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