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Imported DTS does not run.

Hi.. We have external consultant making some DTS Packages and sends it via email.
When I have finished the importing DTS package and ran it, it just fails.
It cannot fine GUID. I had to recreat packages and it works fine. Is there a way to change this GUID somehow faster?
What do you mean can not find GUID? How is the package transfered? Is it a saved .dts file? Then just open the file and then save it on your SQL Server. Note that if the source and destination SQL Server have different version or service pack a transfer might not work:
How are you running the DTS package? Have you tried running the package by openign it on your test server and running it interactively by Execute Package? If you are using the DTSRun utility through the command line, then make sure you save the package onto the server and then specify the package name and server name as rather than any GUID. Check BOL for DTSRun syntax. Regards, Robert.