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ImportExport – Incremental

I want to take importexport on daily basis. But everyday I dont want to taken the entire database. Only modified recodts should be taken. Is there any way to take incremental import export? So that I can save time. Thanks
Hi Krish, There is no automatic way, although you could achieve this using a variety of programmatic options… – triggers on each table to populate a new audit type table with datetime, action and pk
– if the tables have incrementing numbers as keys, then store the value of the key last exported (still have to have audit type tables for the update and delete)
– add a GUID to each table and have a single table which has datetime, tablename, guid, action) So nothing that will be easy to implement… Transactional replication is another option, but that is typically between SQL databases… Cheers
True Trans.replication is another option to update the other database. _________
Satya SKJ