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Importing through DTS

Hi, I have a DTS task to perform. The task is to move data from an oracle database to SQL server database. If there is an insertion of new data or an update of the earlier records in that particular table in the Oracle database, I have to move those records from there and insert it in to the relevant table in the SQL Server database. My idea is to select the records where the Date_Last_Update column is less than or equal to 24 hours and write it to a file. I then have to take that file and do an insert if the record does not exist or update the record if it already exists. Can i perform this by DTS as i came to know that DTS does only an insert…which i tried and got the duplicate key error. would be great in any one provides me with some inputs. Thanks kamesh
In DTS you can specify a query in order to perform the insert operation. Satya SKJ
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