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Improper DB Requirements

Can somebody tell me the best way to work with, requirements which are not clear and have strict deadlines.
If you have been shown a requirement from the front end , How is it possible to
understand what the client wants.No matter what you come up with there will not be 100% accuracy.What are the best work arounds in this scenario.
The DB is not clear and no DB diagrams, how can you sketch the entity relationships here.
I know everyone might want to answer this question but pls put in best and unique suggestions.
If you accept their deadlines before the entity relationships are clear, any system you can prepare will be inadequate. An inadequate system will require major interventions later on, with lots of time spent redesigning the system, discussing the redesign, allowing downtime, doing additional training … This will inevitably take more time than it would take to get the design issues worked out.
This is a major problem in IT,gathering proper requirments with client who dosent know what they want.
If i ask too many questions the client might think i know nothing about Database or may be this is my assumption.The thing here is I am shown a scenario with one perticular ID on the front side and asked to comeup with similar kind of data.How whould you know what in the DB is going on which makes this result to come up.